Why I choose Goldwell to deliver color perfection every time


The quality of Goldwell color sets the foundation to achieve beautiful hair color every time. With a wide assortment of products in their portfolio, I am always able to support the needs of my clients with the right color combination. From permanent color to ammonia free, Goldwell continues to innovate their formulas for healthier looking hair. Nano technology along with the introduction of new color tones consistently, Goldwell is always on the cutting edge of the latest trends. Color pigments are more vibrant, natural looking, leaving hair beautiful, shiny, and soft. A little more complex to use due to the multiple levels of color and measures, once you have mastered Goldwell color combinations, your clients will definitely be happy. Goldwell delivers quality which goes above and beyond and what I love most about the brand is the emphasis put on not only beautiful color, but healthier looking hair.

Contributed By: Raquel Esquer